• October 26, 2020

What is traditional clothing in Saudi Arabia?


There are different traditional clothing in Saudi Arabia
We will talk about it in this topic
Perhaps you think that clothes in the middle east is the same looking so you must to read this topic

Traditional clothing in Saudi Arabia 

1-Saudi Qamis

This dress is called thawb or thobe
It has a white long sleeved and consider the centerpiece of the Saudi traditional dress
It is made of cotton and synthetic fabric
In summer and spring, they wore white
Also in winter they dressed dark black and blue shades
The weather is an arid climate in Saudi Arabia
Therefore the ideal clothing is Qamis
It gives them more comfort and refreshment
Neighboring countries differs about the Saudi thawb
Also the collar of Saudi Arabia includes two buttons
And the sleeves is tight as a regular shirt
These sleeves do not contain buttons but have holes for cufflinks

2-The Saudi Coat

It is called as the bisht and a beauty garment
They worn over the Qamis
During special occasions who wears this coast
Also they wear in wedding or religious holidays
And is presents the grab for the imam wear on Friday semons
also The color of Saudi coat is beige, brown , and gray
It is designed with golden embroidery in winter
Also wear a bisht made of camel hair wool in order to endure the low temperatures

3-The Saudi headdress

Firstly, the Saudi headgear is main to men
And all Saudis wear headdress on their head because of blazing sun and sandstorms

4-The shemagh

firstly It is a scarf with red or white and the price depend on the quality of the yam
Also they wore on the head or on a taqiyah
And the maintain for shemagh came from iqal
It works to protect from the sun or sandstorms

5-The taqiyah

It is called a sheshiya and is a white cap
Also allow one to the shemagh and it is impossible slide from head

6-The iqal

It is made of goat wool
Also iqal is accessory clothing and the ghutra keep in place and do not move

7-The sandals

It is called na3la and all citizen in the Saudi Arabia wore this sandals
It made of leather or plastic
The price differ from the different material




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