• October 26, 2020

What are difference between tourism and travel?


Tourism and travel are considered to be an important basis of economic relations and areas they intend

Tourism and travel


it  in the definition is to visit the area of value in this area will receive the region visited the financial gains and support the structure of information and also add taxes within the region

in the other hands, Travel in its definition is to look at those who visit a particular area and companies that provide transportation to a particular place to stay

Different types of tourism

Domestic Tourism

Take a vacation inside your country and find out what wonderful places you have

Inbound Tourism

firstly, It Is a visit to people from outside the countries who submit to countries as an example of a tourist coming from the United States to the United Kingdom

Outbound Tourism

Travel to another country to visit. For example a tourist outside of China is going to Spain to spend a day off

Environmental tourism

This is a type of tourism the rich interested in spending visits to places to refresh the air

Historical tourism

The tourist is interested in ancient heritage and how he lived before him in this area and visit the temples and churches

Cultural tourism

People in this type of tourism are interested in how people and communities survive and understand the types of culture and knowledge acquisition

Adventure tourism

firstly, This category dominated by young people who are taking adventure tours to climb and ride all that is high and exciting

Health tourism

also This type of tourism takes a very popular   people natural treatment center and hospitals that offer specialized treatment

Religious tourism

The purpose of visiting places of religious significance

Different Types of Travel

above all, The types of travel are divided according to their purpose

Leisure Travel

firstly, This type  intended for holidays, cultural events and entertainment

Business Travel

secondly ,It is traveling for work in the presence of a meeting or conference

Visiting Friends and Relatives

thirdly ,Its main purpose is to meet friends and relatives






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