• October 26, 2020

Top 10 famous monuments in Paris

Monuments in Paris  are Known for its originality, it has a special character

Now We will talk to you about the most important monuments in Paris

Monuments in Paris 

1-Palais du luxembourg 

firstly This palace is a huge palace surrounded by distinctive gardens
Engineer Salomon de Labros is the architect of this palace
and It now houses the French Senate and the palace garden, one of the most beautiful parks where children go to play


2-Centre pompidou

It is the French museum that you should visit
and  it Designed in exquisite architectural styles, this center was established in 1977
As you climb the top floor you enjoy the architectural views on the Paris rooftops as well as the famous restaurant there

3-Les invaldes 

firstly This great building is located on the left bank through the golden dome
Louis XIV is the one who built his buildings to establish the warriors, the displaced and the wounded
and The hotel features the tomb of Emperor Napoleon and there are also three museums there

4-Opera Garnier 

It was built in the Napoleonic era and is a distinctive architecture of Paris
and The room has 2,000 people with the impressive roof panels of Marc Chagall
Take a tour with an in-house guide



This Pantheon is located in the Latin Quarter of Saint Genève Hill
It was originally a church and then became the tomb of France’s largest citizen
We recommend you climb the dome there to see the whole of Paris

6-Sacre coeur 

It is a magnificent church there that has a Roman style Pizzini in its design
and It resembles the Taj Mahal in India and Notre Dame Cathedral
As you climb the top of the dome you see the panoramic view of Paris
They are always crowded and we recommend you visit them early


7-Notre dame 

firstly It is the jewel of Paris and belongs to Gothic architecture
also It is one of the most beautiful of the Phoenicians in Europe
And the best time to visit her at Christmas
When you visit this time, you see the huge cradle scene if you climb the stairs to the south tower


8-Palais de louvre 

firstly This huge museum is one of the largest museums in the world
It was the former residence of the French kings and includes 38,000 pieces of art
and On the ground floor are the remains of medieval foundations

9-Arc de triomphe

It is a huge arch which is located at the top of Champs-Elysées
and This arch was built in honor of the French Imperial Army


10-Eiffel tower

it Is one of the most famous monuments in Paris
And the reasons for the construction of this tower for the Paris International Exposition in 1889
It was the tallest monument in the world and receives millions of visitors each year




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