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The strongest 8 events of ancient Greece history


Events of ancient Greece history played a role in the foundation of Greek classical foundations and modern foundations as well

In the past Greece has faced many different political and geographical developments

The greatest war over the ages is Trojan war

And also the origin of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece

In ancient Greece there was a wave of evolution in the name of the classical Yunnan, and the events were artistic


Events of ancient Greece history

It is among the most powerful historical events in ancient Greece


1-The Trojan war


firstly, There are indications of this war between troy and the Greeks

and The strong conflict began after the capture of Melanious’s wife by the Trojan princess and when she asked for her return, Troy refused to respond

Milenus then left the battle for his brother to lead the army and was followed by more than a thousand  ship

In the next nine years, the Greeks attacked the towns and villages, but the city of Prince Hector stood and won the war

finally, Historians say there is historical evidence of this war, dating from 1180 BC


2-Olympic games


The Olympic Games at the beginning were part of a religious festival of Greek goddesses and goddesses.

The Games were held in Olympia and are considered a western rural preserve.

The name came from Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece

Then koroibos won who works as a chef in the city of Alice Inside race lengths 600 feet

Then the games included 23 competitions and were initially limited to male athletes and then allowed women to enter and among the sports in which women participated boxing, horses, wrestling and racing cars


3-The rise of the great tyrants


above all, The tyrants in Greece were repressive rulers and some remained in power with the help of mercenary soldiers.

Most tyrants were of the aristocracy and there was a great hatred of the public

Among the tyrants who were more widespread Cypselus,Sicyon and Orthagoras

The reign of the son of Cypselu, Beriander, who lasted 40 years, was one of the most evil tyrants


4-coin currency


The Greeks wanted a system of payment, which they documented, and they made an alloy of gold in a name that is well known electrum

Currency production became simpler by the 6th century BC

They were used in trade and each city had its own symbol and carved mark


5-Age of pericles


This great man made many successes in the Greek Assembly.

Athens developed in the era and provided many different ceremonies.

He made some reforms, including allowing citizens of the lowest social class to obtain public office.

The paid job was created for citizens who participate in the courts as allies


6-Second Peloponnesian war


firstly, Greece, most of which joined the war, was initially a battle between Athens and Sparta.

The war was a three-stage war and showed many powerful techniques of war for the Greeks.

The first stage of the Sparta Athens was repeated several times and Athens benefited from its superiority in the sea  and It has signed a peace treaty

The second phase was the evacuation of the treaty because of the new power of Athens against the Syracuse

finaly, The last stage of Persia supported Athens and destroyed the fleet of Athens and the blood of surrender


7-Alexander the great game to power


Alexander the Great was the son of King Philip of Macedon and was crowned after the death of his father.

also He is considered to have invaded the whole world and was very great in his military and diplomatic power.

And spreading the culture of thought, religion and language in Greece, Egypt, India and Asia Minor.

And the project to open Greece to Persia


8-The invasion of the Romans


After the battle of Corinth, the Greek island became part of the Romans.

Among the cities are Macedonia.

and There are some countries surrendered and some did not give up but a small part.

Civil war continued to destroy the land.

Then they rebuilt cities and then Athens flourished as a center of philosophy and science


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