• October 26, 2020

The Pompidou Centre in Paris


The Pompidou Centre is one of the foremost visited museums in France.

the enduring landmark is ideally located within the fourth arrondissement at the guts of the national capital. Since its inauguration in 1977,

the artistic movement building has been the supply

of the many criticisms, some known as it associate ugliness, others praised its advanced design created of vibrant

pipes and large steel struts. to raised perceive why the novel building attracts thousands of holiday makers every day,

here are a number of facts and figures that you just ought to recognize once visiting the Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou Centre

The Cultural centre project was born from a declaration created by French President Georges Pompidou in 1969:

“I turbulently need Paris to own a cultural centre which can be each a deposit and an artless centre“.

the placement chosen for the cultural centre a waste at the center of Paris, an area referred to as Beaubourg. Pompidou’s dream became reality once his death (1974).

The cultural complicated opened on thirty one Jan 1977 by President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing.

If there ar 2 names to recollect regarding the Pompidou Centre’s construction, they’d be those of its architects:

Richard Rogers, a British designer (born 1933) UN agency is additionally famous for his work on the eu Court

of Human Rights in Strasbourg and therefore the Millenium Dome in London.

Renzo Piano, associate degree Italian designer (born 1937) UN agency is additionally famous for coming up with the sherd in London (2012).

What is so different in the Pompidou centre

The Pompidou Centre
The Pompidou Centre

The architects wished to liberate area within the building by putting all service instrumentality outside.

That’s why it’s sort of a building turned within out. As designer Renzo Piano recollects, he wanted to “put the within outside, and show the inner workings“.

the big cube was meant to be “a building which can not be a monument however a celebration, a giant urban toy“.

The cultural complex of it

the National depository of contemporary Art (Musée national d’Art moderne) on the fourth and fifth levels.

this is often the most important trendy art depository in Europe.

It comes second within the world when MOMA in ny. the general public info Library (Bibliothèque publique d’information, or BPI) on the first, ordinal and third levels.

This vas library is fashionable Parisians because it opens late. the Institute for Acoustic and Musical analysis (Institut Diamond State elegant et Coordination Acoustique/Musique,

or IRCAM) is located underground at a lower place the place Stravinski.

The Pompidou Centre
The Pompidou Centre

the temporary exhibition halls area unit set on the first and sixth levels. the bookstore found on level zero, a style look and a restaurant area unit on level one. the trendy Georges building is on level six, as is that the wide terrace.



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