• October 26, 2020

The importance of tourism and its advantages


The importance of tourism for the traveler or the country to which he goes has many advantages

also Tourism is a long-term activity with positive effects on both industries, the economy and society as a whole

The importance of tourism



firstly, Tourism brings together people from all over the world depending on their culture and environment

also In your travels, you discover many persuasive ways that help us understand some and become more understanding

Now we will talk about the importance of tourism in ways

1- Promote responsible travel


above all In the course of your travel, you are responsible for maintaining everything that is land and sea
It is also an official to respect the place you go
There is a kind of tourism that supports the preservation of nature and land to attract the largest number of tourists

2-we become better global citizens


in the other hands , Travel has become a very important part of our life and nothing else has been taken into its place

And helped people to become global citizens
They understand many cultures and have a great deal of knowledge

3-Reducing poverty


firstly, The issue of poverty suffers from the whole world According to the World Health Organization, tourism constitutes 5% of the world’s gross domestic product

We must work together for equality against any poverty and any other problems facing the world
Tourism plays a major role in reducing poverty and providing many jobs

4-Empowerment and  development


Tourism revolves around full empowerment
Most of the women working in tourism are women
This helps me create an environment of gender equality
Addressing discrimination against women and also supporting crafts By buying pieces of art or texture

5-The role of tourism in building a better future


also, the importance of tourism in societies it creates new innovations

There are examples of new mobile applications such as Uber
Which led to the lifting of the industry of the common economy

6-Protect natural habitats and wildlife


Tourism has played an active role in the defense of endangered species over the years
also Collectively encourage and support the cessation of elephant abuse and the establishment of marine turtle reserves

7-Encourage sustainable tourism


The greater  tourism, the greater the litigation to protect the environment and preserve the natural and cultural beauty of our world

such as  this is plastic contamination and the direct effect it has on the ocean
Risk awareness campaigns have been launched and the introduction of marine plastic into the ocean has been prevented


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