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Siwa Oasis you must do these activities through your trip


Siwa Oasis Isolated within the heart of Egypt’s Western Desert, aloof from urbanization,

Siwa Oasis lies fifty klick east of the Libyan borders.

inside this small paradise – that remains out of sight aside from people who by choice look for it – a particular culture has been preserved, providing its guests an upscale expertise distinctive to the oasis.

thought of the eastmost extension to the Berber descendants (the original inhabitants of North Africa),

tribes of the oasis have managed to retain their Siwi language, additionally to a lot of of the Amazigh culture.

Siwa Oasis

If you plan to head to Siwa anytime soon, now we will help you to know more about activities to enjoy to the max

1-Rent a bike

If you reside in one among Egypt’s massive cities, likelihood is that sport has continuously been an issue of holidays

and safe gated communities aloof from crazy traffic.

However, in Siwa, you get anyplace on a bicycle. Not solely is it safe, however it’s additionally an excellent thanks to pop your bubble and mingle with the oasis’s stunning individuals.

Rent a bike
Rent a bike

2-HOP into the local tricycles for a tour

If, for any reason, you can’t or don’t want to commute on a bike,

a tricycle will most likely be within reach to take you around the oasis.

local tricycles
local tricycles

3-EAT Locally Produced dates and olives

Relying heavily on agriculture, Siwa’s primary crops area unit dates and olives. variable between

the various derivatives of each crops, you’re absolute to attempt a number of the most effective olives

and dates you’re however to come back across.

EAT Locally Produced
EAT Locally Produced

4-Swim in Celopatra’s Bath

Considered to be one among Siwa’s most well liked landmarks, Cleopatra’s tub may be a must-visit throughout your trip to the oasis.

you’ll be able to notice this muscle-relaxing heat spring on the trail resulting in Temple of the Oracle.

If you don’t want to leap into the spring,

you’ll be able to sit back and relax at one among the encompassing shaded cafeterias high the spring.

Celopatra’s Bath
Celopatra’s Bath

5- Sand-boarding  or Safari trips 

Spanning over 72,000 sq. km, the good Sand ocean lining the oasis is marked because the world’s third-largest sand dune field. whether or not you’re into sandboarding,

quad biking or just inhabitation come in the desert amid the large, uninterrupted serenity, check that you reserve every day for this fun-packed desert expedition.

Safari trips 
Safari trips

Siwa Oasis

6-attend a sufi dhiker circle

besides,  Egypt is home to an expensive and intensive culture of Sufism (also brought up as Islamic mysticism) that extends to its four corners. However, thanks to the seclusion of Siwa among the guts of the desert,

and the Sufi community of the oasis has preserved its authentic identity aloof from the numerous influences of town.

Each weekday, Sufis in Siwa hold a dhikr circle – a gathering wherever Sufists immerse themselves in chants and prayers.

If you would like to attend the circle, you have got to be terribly conscious of the spirituality of such gatherings that square measure due respect

sufi dhiker circle
sufi dhiker circle

7-Eat at abdu’s restaurant

It located at the Siwa market square, the restaurant is easy to reach it

Also, its highly praised food, friendly service and cozy atmosphere, abdu’s is also a place to catch an interesting conversation with some of the locals

abdu’s restaurant
abdu’s restaurant

8-Buy local gifts

There  colorful handmade products and embroidered garments then you are in for such a treat at Siwa

Famous for their excellent craftmanship and gleeful patterns.

local gifts
local gifts



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