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Most famous ancient Egyptian monuments

Ancient Egyptian monuments  includes Art is authentic

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Ancient Egyptian monuments



Ancient Egyptian monuments
Ancient Egyptian monuments

the temples of karnak in Luxor

It is one of the famous place in Egypt you must to visit it
And the largest ancient religious site in the world
There are numbers of combined achievement of Egyptian builders
and The pharaohs of the new kingdom did the most work on karnak
also This building consists of three main temples, smaller enclosed temples and several outer temples
And the famous structures of karnak is the hypostyle
It is a hall area of 5000 m2 with 134 massive columns arranged in 16 rows

2-Pyramids of Giza

above all It is located in the immediate of the southwestern suburbs of Cairo
The first pyramids is Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure

Khufu :

firstly IT is the great builder at Giza and largest single building to that time
Khufu’s reign and his son Khafre were ruled by the greek historian Herodotus
It called a wise ruler after his daughter in due to raise money for his building projects

Ancient Egyptian monuments
Ancient Egyptian monuments

And his queen was hetepheres and married four times to Merityetes
Finally she was buried is one the three small pyramids beside his own
The entrance to the great pyramid is on the north side



It is 59 feet (18 meters) above ground level
Construction penetrates the rocky soil and rises above the level of the structure
And ends up with incomplete underground rooms
also The Queen’s rooms have a fireplace
There is a corridor that brings you to the burial chamber and this king room has a granite ceiling
There are also two narrow shafts that lead you abroad and say either for religious purposes or for ventilation in the place


secondly It  located in the south of the great pyramids near Khafre’s valley temple
Also called Khafra greek chephern
Also The fourth king of 4th dynasty and the second of the three pyramids of GIZA
He married his sister khamerernebti, Meresankh III
also IT linked to the pyramids by a causeway and consisted of great monolithic blocks of granite and contained remarkable statues of the king


thirdly It was called Menkure, Greek Mykerinos
and The King of the 4th dynasty and he built the third and smallest of the three pyramids of Giza
Although his pyramids and mortuary temple were un finished at his death
then In the funerary temple they found statues in the era of the Pyramid, including the statue of Menkure and finally its feathers, the god of Hathor and many of the Temples of the Other Goddess

3–Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Ancient Egyptian monuments
Ancient Egyptian monuments

above all It is located on mount Sinai more than 5000 feet above level sea
It is a Greek Orthodox monastery
Also established in 527 by the byzantine emperor Justinian
Through the 7th century the monastery provided a centre of refuge for scattered communities
Also it contains the icons and some of which were painted before the 8th century
Also its manuscripts

and The manuscripts collection contains the codex syriacus, a syriac text of Gospels wriiten about 400
Workmen penetrated a wall and explored behind it’s a trove of some 3000 additional manuscripts
It involves ancient biblical texts and other documents known but long lost
They found parts of the codex sinaiticus and some 50 other incomplete codexes
And 10 nearly complete ones
Also other greek texts in uncial script





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