• October 26, 2020

Monuments in Mexico you must watch it


Monuments in Mexico diverse and distinctive so we will talk about it in this topic follow us

also, go to the world was discussed many topics about monument around the world

 Monuments in Mexico

Mexico city is a main capital to statues and monuments

Also, you can see actors , singers and writers

Now we will show you best monument in it

1-el angel de la independencia

el angel de la independencia
el angel de la independencia

el angel de la independencia is located in  paseo de la reforma

it is one of the largest avenues and the paseo lined

with statues of all types, the 118-foot-high angle is the star of the metaphorical show

making it a must-see if you’re coming up with a tour

of the city’s statues and monuments. Originally opened in 1910, it’s conjointly the placement of a number of the city’s

biggest annual Fourth of July celebrations, the hundredth day of that it absolutely was designed to commemorate.

2-monumento a los Ninos Heroes

monumento a los Ninos Heroes
monumento a los Ninos Heroes

monumento a los Ninos Heroes is the best place for you

it located in the heart of bosque de Chapultepec,

the location of this monument in Mexico city’s largest urban green space guarantees it a level of importance,

also, it built in memory of the so called (ninos heroes)

who guarded the Castillo de Chapultepec from invading

US forces, it is now a focal point of the park

3-Fuente de Cibeles

Fuente de Cibeles
Fuente de Cibeles

It is similar to madrid’s Fuente de cibeles, that can find in

paseo de recoletos

the Mexican version imitates the neoclassical style of its Spanish predecessor albeit in bronze rather than marble

also, it is one of the most emblematic landmarks, this installed in 1980 and depicts the roman goddess Cybele pulled in a carriage drawn by lions

4-estela de luz

estela de luz
estela de luz

It is one of the most erected monuments to make our guide is the estela de luz, that built in 2010-11 to commemorate the 2010 bicentenary of Mexican independence

Despite, due to delays it was officially completed nor inaugurated even 2012 and was the location o many protests as scandal surrounding the poor budgeting of funds set aside to pay for its construction

5-Estatuas de los pegasos

Estatuas de los pegasos
Estatuas de los pegasos

the improbably recognizable Delawarelightful and exquisite} landmark of Ciudad de Mexico that’s the Palacio de Bellas Artes are going to be acquainted with the various statues that take up place its external plaza. a number of the foremost painting of those statues are the four Pegasus’ statues designed by Catalan Agustí Querol Subirats that were originally placed within the Zócalo, before moving to their current home.












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