• October 26, 2020

Learn more about traditions in Dubai

Traditions in Dubai have been developing over the eras
You can walk through the streets of the city
Also people dressed in beautiful national costumes
People in Dubai wear national clothes in their daily lives and not just on occasions

Traditions in Dubai

Go to the world was talked about traditional clothing in Saudi Arabia
Also  Spanish customs and traditions
Now we will discuss traditional in Dubai
The locals in Dubai are Welcome and hospitable
Guests must note a few rules of behavior
For example Tourists should not refuse to invite a visit to a local community house
During the session guests should be welcomed with a cup of coffee
You must thank hosts for their hospitality
Local people have a different attitude on the sports side as they take advantage of opportunities to become members of various exciting competitions
Also popular sports in Dubai are different compared to European countries
Such as horse and cock competitions
The horses are of great importance to the local population

Traditions in Dubai

Dubai hosts the World Cup for Horse Racing every year
Music in Dubai has a special status and interest, especially the national music
Feast is a national holiday that can not be considered a holiday without musical collections. It is very exciting and looks like a beautiful theater
Tourists come to Dubai for seeing a variety of jewelry
And buying local product
The gold has a high quality and local jewelers can create true pieces of art
Dubai is considered a future city and it has many festivals
Such as dubai jazz festival
It is one of the oldest celebrations in the middle east
Visitors attend in large numbers up to 35000
Each visitor will find a music style to fit their taste
Types of music include jazz, blue , rock , funk and soul

Also art dubai is an international trade fair that builds in dubai
Any art lover can visit the city at this time in March of every year
The city becomes the capital of international art
With the participation of many experts and similar talents in Jumeirah
It includes painting, installations, performances and sculptures
Also the festival is divided into three large sections
Europe, the middle east and Asia
The middle east film & comic
It is a gift for all fans of anime and cosplay
The festival establishs in the dubai world trade centre
You can play various video games and board games
Also attend meet and greets with actors and directors
Al marmoom heritage festival that build at April
And last ten days

Also includes music performance, dancing shows and traditional crafts of bedouins

Clothes in Dubai 

Men wear long dresses made of kondura cotton
This clothes include long sleeves embroidered with gold and beads
And women wear cover their faces
This veil to adapt to the local climate is a city with a high temperature
The city of Dubai has become a bustling city and city of the future
It does not resemble any other city in terms of its customs and traditions




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