• October 26, 2020

Learn more about spanish customs and traditions

spanish customs and traditions Always related to the friendly Spanish people who love physical contact in welcome and treatment
Spain is characterized by a comfortable life and various hospitality
Spanish customs and traditions, celebrations, culture and activities that are different from any other country
And also the kitchen is different from any kitchen in the world
Here are the Spanish customs and traditions that you like to hear before you travel

spanish customs and traditions


Coffee is a source of happiness for the Spanish people
It is an important tradition for them to drink coffee from 4 to 5 cups a day
There is a con leche café and cortado
You can drink a unique coffee there

Beer and wine

In Spain there are some strange customs there
You choose between only two types of beer and for wine as well
It is famous for there are not many kinds of goats
Despite the scarcity of beer and wine, however, in some hotels there are more types on the menu and carefully selected

Late dinner

Spanish customs and traditions on the food side
Dinner and late-night meals are served and they eat food at 3pm
And dinner at 10 pm
The food contains a large main dish, dessert and light and healthy dinner

Bar litter

In some places there is a chance to let the napkins used on the ground in a crowded bar and everyone stands up
The workers still have a system


This time from 2 to 4 pm is a sacred time for the Spanish to take a nap after working
There are shops that close at this time but in other places remain open all day


The people of Spain remain awake until 6 am
In some pubs and clubs tonight
When they return home they eat hot chocolate
They are Spanish customs and traditions

Physical contact

Important customs in Spain are having physical contact in daily conversations
Do not feel anything strange if you grab someone and put his hands on one of your shoulders
This personal area of physical contact is very close to the Spaniards


Spain has a habit different from other countries each person has a title
The titles are taken from the parents
The first title of the father and the second of the mother and the woman still have the same titles after marriage

Unlucky day

The Spaniards are on Tuesday the thirteenth unlucky day
It is supposed to do nothing important, no travel, no marriage

Double cheek kissing

If you meet a friend you want to drink a drink with him
you  went to a place and introduced to a new person offering a kiss of double cheek kissing this guide to welcome or good bye




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