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Historical events in London discover it


Historical events in London will be the topic to this articles

we advise to follow best historical events in london

such as Bubonic plague sporadically, the great fire of London

and other events


Historical events in London

Bubonic plague sporadically threatened londoners from 1347-1665

Starting out with the fever chills and aches of the contagion, plague progresses quickly,
covering the body in painful cysts referred to as buboes

and infrequently leading to death.
as luck would have it the plague could be a rare prevalence within the era however it absolutely was a infrequent

threat in London for over 3 centuries.
The first major epidemic, noted because the bubonic plague, drained nearly half the city’s population

between 1347-1351. Relief solely returning once

weather quickly stemmed the ectozoon population – the plague was predominately unfold by fleas that devoured healthy

folks when receiving a provender from infected humans and rats.

According to the repository of London: “A major eruption

of the sickness stricken roughly each 20-30 years,
killing around two hundredth of London’s population every time.” This terminated with the last plague
eruption between 1664-1665, however the plague left

a long-lasting mark on the town with a peppering of ‘plague pits’ throughout London

Historical events in London
Historical events in London

the great fire of London burned nearly 70% of the city of the city in 1666

the great fire of London further ruined the city though it beneficially wiped out much of the plague infected rat and flea population

London accomplished many fires throughout its history

but the 1666 fire is most well known for the level of destruction it wrought

The fire damaged just under 70 per cent of London buildings involving the original ST Paul’s Cathedral
While much of london’s repair maintained the capital’s original layout residential neighbourhoods shifted as the wealthy moved out the densely populated city centre
Also, the rebuild made London look much different than

it had before

the great fire of London
the great fire of London

Bombing raids during WWI and WWII drastically changed London

While wartime bombings effected London in both world wars
The Blitz changed the cityscape refers to heavy bombing

by german forces that began in September 1940 and lasted for 57 days

The bombings left parts of London in ruins and when WWI ended in 1945 much of the city
For helping aid with the loss of Londoners homes, council housing was restored throughout the city
And major cultural projects like southbank’s royal

festival hall breathed life back into post war London
These damages can now be seen around central London and at the London mithraeum

21st-century terrorism both shook and unified Londoners

A series of coordinated tube bombings on 7 july 2005 had

the potential to break London’s sense of community

While instances of terrorism initially stoked fear amongst Londoners, also they developed in an outpouring of

unification among the capital’s residents in the form of public vigils, individual acts of heroism and general defiance in the face of fear-mongering

Olympic games 2012 made London shine as an international metropolis

Historical events in London
Historical events in London

London won the bid to host the 2012 summer Olympic and Paralympic games
While london’s celebration stopped by violence,

the 2012 games buoyed spirits in the capital and gave Londoners something to look forward to
The international games were a moment for London to show its strength as a cultural centre full of people from varied backgrounds
London’s displays at the 2012 games were a demonstration of how the capital has a history of resilience that continues into the 21st century

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