• October 26, 2020

Habits and customs in Egypt discover it

Habits and customs in Egypt are different from any other country
Also, Egypt has a rich history and culture returns to thousands of years
Starting from the Pharaonic culture, Christianity and Islam

Habits and customs in Egypt

Egypt is the earliest in making habits and customs
Also, customs and habits in Egypt have been effects by other culture
Now go to the world will show you the best customs and traditions

Warmth and hospitality

Firstly, Egypt has a stunning natural, historical and cultural attractions, therefore, the importance of tourism gains sources of income
Egyptians are friendly, also open to other cultures and known for their good hospitality
Egyptians like to help people such as if you ask someone for help directions

Habits and customs in Egypt
Habits and customs in Egypt


Secondly, the family is very important for Egyptians, therefore, they focus on family values and relationships
Marriage rates are high and families encourage and financially help their son and daughters to get married
The responsibilities are divided among home and childcare are the main responsibilities for a woman
Also, when there is the death of a family member. It is customs to wear black for at least 40 days
In addition, Egyptians like to throw big wedding parties where they invite all family members and friends and hold big feasts
Step in with your right leg

When they are going into a new place, like a new house, step in with your right leg
Doing so can bless it and get in good, happiness and prosperity

Be careful of the black crow

thirdly, Egyptians do not like black crows, because they believe if a black crow stands on a house’s roof, something bad will happen to the house or its people most commonly, someone will die

Habits and customs in Egypt
Habits and customs in Egypt

Having girls

fourthly, Egyptian believe that having girls mean a better livelihood
Although many Egyptians prefer to have boys because of depending on them in work and carrying on the family name and business

Habits and customs in Egypt
Habits and customs in Egypt


fifthly, Speaking of parties, Egyptians love celebrations, close and extended family members and friends gather during holidays and special celebrations
Because of their love of food, all celebrations involve sharing meals prepared for the occasion
The woman usually take pride in their ability to cook several dishes and compete among themselves for who makes the most delicious dishes
Restaurants are one of the most businesses as Egyptians like to try new cuisines and they appreciate a good meal

Habits and customs in Egypt
Habits and customs in Egypt


sixthly, Religion plays a role in the life of Egyptians and it is intermingled with daily activities of Muslims and Christians in Egypt
You can see this clearly during Ramadan, eids

and Christmas where festive spirits are everywhere
Mosques are around every corner, therefore walking the streets of Egyptian cities, you can never hear the call to pray during

Also, Egyptian belongs to the western calendar, they refer to the Islamic calendar for Islamic religious holidays and Ramadan is the most important month in the year
Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, focusing on praying and doing charity work




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