• September 30, 2020

Customs in Hungary you must know it


Customs in Hungary are different and unique, There is no higher time to honor our Hungarian roots than throughout the vacations. A time of celebration, the vacation season options family traditions that shared for generations. Here are 10 Hungarian vacation traditions that we have a tendency to pass from our family to yours this season.

Customs in Hungary

Advent Wreaths

firstly, in Hungary, the counting to Christmas is marked by ancient advent wreaths. These lovely vacation centerpieces feature four candles, representing religion, hope, joy and love, close during a bed of pine branches and ribbon. A candle is lit every Sunday leading up to Christmas, with the ultimate candle lit on szent-este, or holiday.

Advent Wreaths
Advent Wreaths


secondly, Hungarian children  receive gifts doubly throughout the vacation season. On the eve of St.Nicholas fete day, that widely known on Gregorian calendar month vi, they’re visited by Saint Nicholas, or Mikulás.

That night,children  place new polished boots on their windowsills to be full of little presents by Mikulás and his helpers. If you’ve been sensible, you’ll wake to seek out a boot full of oranges and mandarins. If you’ve been naughty,

Mikulás’ friend Krampusz (a mischievous devil), can have left a bundle of birch sticks (virgács) instead.

Luka Day

thirdly,  it Celebrated on Dec thirteen, Luca Day marks Hungary’s annual solstice. because the shortest day and longest night of the year, it absolutely was conjointly the darkest, and has historically been related to witches and spirits. The Luca calendar marks the twelve days between solstice and xmas, that spent active a spread of people traditions to keep off evil.

One of Hungary’s most illustrious vacation folks traditions is that the carving of the Luca Chair.

fabricated from 9 differing kinds of wood, the Luca chair was to be graven by Dec 24. The hitch: just one carving was allowable per day.

Once the chair was complete, its maker would carry it to hour mass, wherever it might provide him a high enough vantage to identify witches within the crowd.

A Hungarian spoken communication that lives on from this tradition is “Készül, mint a Luca széke” or “You are making ready it as slowly as a Luca Chair!”

Customs in Hungary

Love spells

fourthly, The Luca calendar was conjointly a time for love spells. To forecast the name of her future husband, associate degree adult female would write twelve names on tiny scraps of paper and burn one on a daily basis till Christmas.

The name on the last piece of paper believed to be her future husband’s name. or else, the scraps of paper might be place into dumplings and so cooked; the primary dumpling to rise to the surface of the boiling water would contain the name of the woman’s husband-to-be.

Christmas tree

christmas tree
christmas tree

fifthly, In Hungary, vacation trees embellished on Christmas Eve. historically,children do not  allowed to visualize

the tree till they need been given permission by their folks, marked by the ringing of a bell.

it’s common follow for grandparents to require the kids for a walk whereas the remainder of the family decorates the tree. Upon their come back, the family unveils the “surprise,” claiming that it had been brought there by angels.

Hungarian Christmas trees  embellished with distinctive and exquisite ornaments. Since the nineteenth century,

it’s been Hungarian custom to brighten the vacation tree with szaloncukor, a sweet candy typically coated in chocolate and wrapped in shiny coloured foil.

alternative decorations embrace shiny glass ornaments and hand-crafted decorations adorned with ancient Hungarian styles.

Holiday Feast
Holiday Feast

Holiday Feast

Traditional Hungarian vacation meals contain a spicy fish soup known as halászlé, that interprets to

‘Fishermens’ soup.’ This bright red soup was originally ready over associate fire by fishermen on the river and Tisza,

and formed with hot paprika and carp. dish, or töltött káposzta another vacation delicacy.

The cabbage leaves area unit full of savory rice,

minced pork meat, herbs and – after all – paprika. These delicious rolls area unit served with a generous serving to of cream.







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