• October 26, 2020

Culture in Maldives know more about it


Culture in Maldives is different and unique
Maldives is one of the most popular beach paradises around the world
Now go to the world will show you culture and customs in Maldives

Culture in Maldives

firstly, It is known as the republic of Maldives and made up of around 1200 small coral islands
It depends on the island lifestyle and spin around the sea
The culture of Maldives influences and borrows from the cultures of the Indians, Africans, arabs and the Sri lankans


secondly, The official languages of the Maldives named Dhivehi that of the indo-Iranian Sanskritic origin

Maldivian society and Occupation

the society and culture of Maldives is contingent the ocean. Day to day life and society so revolves round the ocean and therefore the jobs that individuals do.
in contrast to another countries of South Asia that the Maldives borrows its culture from, wherever social organization

prevailing, and therefore the ladies  expected to be subservient, in Maldives ladies play a vital role in society.
They hold authoritative positions and are a big a part

of the hands. it postulated that society has maternal origins. Property is passed on each to sons and daughters,

and sometimes the ladies keep their maiden name while not adopting their husband’s name once wedding.
The importance of ladies explained by the actual fact

that the boys were fishermen a minimum of traditionally, and went come in the day to fish whereas the ladies
handled homes and therefore the alternative affairs outside.

Culture in Maldives
Culture in Maldives


thirdly, The official religion in Maldives is Islam
Maldives was a buddhist country for a long time
In the 12th century, a north African arab known as abu al barakat brought the first koran to the island

Maldives become an Islamic country in 1152 AD.


fourthly, The style of cooking again draws influence from arab, Indian and Sri lankan styles
Favorite local food items includes:

Mad huni: a famous food throughout the island, smoked shredded fish, is served with grated coconuts and onions

Garudhiya: a fish broth served with rice, lime, chilli and onions

Fihunu mas: Barbecued fish that is basted with chilli

When the Maldives an Islamic country and most of its citizen powerful believers of islam, alcohol banned although a local toddy called raa consumed

Culture in Maldives
Culture in Maldives

Arts and crafts

fifthly, The maldivians skilled at wood carving and lacquer work making beautiful and difficult designs that astounding
The woman of the country also make woven mats made from reeds that are dyed and woven into beautiful difficult patterns

Culture in Maldives
Culture in Maldives

Music and dance

finally, They heavily influenced by north Indian styles of music and dance
Also, the Indian film industry makes a main role, with Bollywood movies and music being popular amongst a lot of people
In addition, the traditional dances of Maldives draw strong inspiration from the northern Indian classical dance

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