• October 26, 2020

Best historical monuments in Greece


Historical monuments in Greece spread in all over the country

Greece has an interesting past and many historical monuments

You will read in this topic about important monuments in Greece

Historical monuments in Greece

1-Acropolis of Athens

It is the most important historical monument in Greece

And it is known like the golden century of Athens

And acropolis of Athens built in 5th century BC

There are many building but the Parthenon is the most famous

Also The best craftsmen made of pentelic marble

It was  damaged in  by wars

also In 1816 lord elgin removed parts of the Parthenon frieze

2-Ancient Delphi

It is located on the slopes of Parnassus

And It is the ancient monuments in Greece

Also it worked as the center of a political and military

And the ancient Delphi are the temple of Apollo

3-Minoan palace of Knossos

It I located short distance of 5 km from heraklion

also It is the great sight of crete island

And the scientist believe that palace was damaged by tsunami wave

The palace preserved its colors an interesting wall painting



It was considered the sanctuary to the gods

Also there was an altar on the site to honor GODS

In the Macedonian era was developed by alexander the great

Also it was developed in roman times



It gave its name for an entire civilization

and  Treasury  of Atreus is the famous monuments in Mycenae

Also there are a wonderful archaeological museum


6-Minoan town of Akrotiri

IT is the second preserved site from the Minoan times because it is famous a trade

Also there was a public building,storehouses and a sewerage system

Also it was found a covered city with volcano ashes

7-Medieval fortress of nafplion

It was built on top of a huge rock

Also it was preserved and protected from many wars

Venetians built the fortress in the 17th century

The fortress gives a wonderful view of the valley below

8-Ancient Dodona

It is located on the northwestern of Greece

And it is the second famous oracle in Greece

In the beginning the alter was identified to god zeua

Also the most sight is the ancient theatre of Dodona

9-Ancient Olympia

firstly Olympia is the first ancient Olympic games

And these games were managed every four years

In order to honor god zeus

also The hero in this Olympic is Hercules

Today is the most famous sight in ancient Olympia such the temples of zeus and hera ‘


10-Ancient Epidaurus

It is famous with open theatre

and It was built in the late 4th century  by polykleitos

Also it hosted the original drama

It considers very famous in the antiquity


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