• October 26, 2020

Attractions in Rome you must visit it


Attractions in Rome are spreading in all over the city
Rome is a city of museums, squares roman buildings and other attractions

Also, there are many places will talk about it such as colosseum, the pantheon and st, peter’s basilica

Attractions in Rome

1-the colosseum

the colosseum is the large amphitheatre in Rome
it abided 65.000 spectators in roman days.
Gladiators fight each other like wild animal in the colosseum’s arena
Also, the arena and the underground spaces of the largest roman amphitheatre
Due to the huge number of visitors

2-trevi fountain

It is the most famous fountain in rome city
This baroque fountain, suited on the piazza of trevi
Also, it was established in the 18thcentury
It also shows the god of the sea, Neptune on his charlot
It is impossible visitor go to the trevi fountain and does not return to rome another time


It returned to roman times and history was given to the people by emperor Hadrian In 608
The current church has amazing funerary monuments
Like a remarkably large and open dome

4-St. peter’s Basilica

It is the center of the catholic church and residence of the pope
It suited in the independent state of Vatican city
St, peter’s basilica involves masterpieces as bernini’s baldachin and la pieta by Michelangelo
Also you can visit the crypts with 148 papal tombs

5-vatican museum& Sistine chapel

The popes collected an enormous art collection varying from roman objects
and religious relics to countries paintings

You can watch 54 richy decorated rooms and view these art treasures of the catholic church
The feature for many visitors is like to be the famous Sistine chapel

It is famous like the site of conclave when a new pope is elected
This attraction has by far the longest lines

6-piazza navona

It is one of best squares in rome, this square owes its expanded shape to its original purpose as a roman athletics stadium
It includes a number of fountains as the la fontana dei Quattro fiumi by Bernini, an interesting obelisk, and you can go the excavations of the old stadium of domitianus

7-galleria& villa Borghese

finally, The name villa Borghese is the largest and most beautiful park in rome
This estate returned to the very wealthy cardinal scipione Borghese and built around the villa of the same name since 1903

also, the galleria can also be found in the park, a museum displaying the large private art collection of Borghese
in addition, The gallery involves sculptures and paintings by artists as Caravaggio, rubens and Bernini

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