• October 26, 2020

8 surprising customs from around the world

surprising customs appear around the world It gives a lot of variation to each country

There are 8 countries famous for different customs and we will list them to you

surprising customs


1-Switzerland-honesty stores


There are small shops within the Swiss community within the Alps which are in the form of honesty stores

The shops allow you to buy fresh cheese, yogurt, bread, honey, butter and others

They are not available throughout the year because they are owned by animal farmers

You can throw your money into a small basket and this increases consumer confidence and customer loyalty

2-Colombia (tranquilo)

This Colombian people maintains the young man’s appearance because they keep calm

At this time, air flights and buses are canceled.

Depending on the schedule and no school will be operating at that time

This time gives you an opportunity to renew energy and revive the spirit


3-Germany-crossing the world


Germany is a country known for its system both on buses and holidays that arrive in time

The world must follow the German regulatory habits

A whole world would like to see that the organized street of Germany will certainly embrace the world


4-Iceland-christmas Eve box giving


Christmas gifts are something that concerns us all. We pay a lot of money to our loved ones with a gift card

Iceland has given a new tradition, a book on Christmas Eve

They will open the book and spend the evening reading

The town has renewed a new habit the world must follow


5-Russia-offering vodka


In Russia, friends broke the ice with vodka shots

This makes them feel different and feel a lot more welcome

The world must practice this habit


6-Japan-pushers on the subway


Subway Japanese calm  and original

You are hard to hear anything annoying unless there are tourists

Despite the quiet but the rush hour seems crowded, there are people as pushers

Employees pay people inside the vehicles and organize the metro during the rush hour

You feel there is enough room to move


7-South korea- not tipping


Tipping is essential in the United States, especially in food services

But South Korea is operating a different system, so the employees are paid fair and fair wages and are proud of their work. There is no kind of courtesy there


8-Turkey-warming hospitality


Turkey is famous for its hospitality and passion for its visitors.

They offer horseback riding, various meals, a place to stay and participate in Turkish coffee

Turkish hospitality needs to be adopted all over the world




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