• October 26, 2020

8 historical events in Barcelona

Historical events is very important for each country so we will discuss about historical events in Barcelona

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Historical events in Barcelona

1-Rise of the Barcelona country

This country was built by charkemagne’s troops
After that the country controlled it’s political authority
And took more territories on its own
Also the four strip of catalan flag were symbol of Raymond Berenuer IV
And painting in blood over wildfred the hairy’s golden shield
Then become a resounding myth

2-union between the kingdom of aragon and the Barcelona county

Best a golden age were the medieval times
Raymond Berenguer IV married princess Petronilla of Aragon
Then it  happened the union with Argon crown
In this time Barcelona was center for political and economic of the kingdom
Then become point of a rush Mediterranean expansion
It includes Sicily and Athens
This time attained of Gothic architectural marvelous in Barcelona

3-The time of retreat

The country was faced after blocking trade routes by Ottomans, decline economic to a long lasting
Although the great deterioration of the economy has built a port is called port Vell
All this happened after the union of kingdoms
There was also a revolt by the peasants, and political unrest increased
It did not end and increased in the 18th century

4-Industrial Revolution

This city was the first industrial city for years
Also  established the first railway line for this country in 1848
And increased the material imports and fabric industry
Then Plaza Real was built right by Rambla Avenue
Also fountain of Canaletes was installed in 1860

5-The Spanish Civil War

Historical events in Barcelona
Historical events in Barcelona

Barcelona was subjected to heavy air strikes
The war opened four decades of dictatorship and political silence
During the 1960s they put an end to the economic recession and re-emerged
They witnessed a major boom that led to the expansion of the region there

6-Return to Democracy

In the last century there has been great progress and cultural creativity in the city
Barcelona become a developed country
They finally set up free elections in 1977
There was a massive demonstration demanding more freedom, amnesty and independence

7-The 1992 Olympic games

Historical events in Barcelona
Historical events in Barcelona

The Olympic Games brought about a great transformation in the fate of Barcelona
Opening or closing there was a great event
The whole world sang out and Barcelona became a wonderful travel interface
The Colombians raised the city level and became a giant
Both on the one hand and new buildings or structures that have been renewed
And the people also became brighter

8- The 2004 Fòrum de les Cultures

The city turned into a global player
Then came the World Congress of smart phones in Barcelona
Despite the severe economic downturn, visitors from all over the world became visitors to the city’s history and culture

we will advice to visit Barcelona and enjoy its culture




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