• October 26, 2020

8 customs and traditions in Japan you should know

customs and traditions in Japan are different from any other country so they have to know them before traveling there

customs and traditions in Japan

1- Respectful treatment

Bending is the way to greet in Japan
Or the simple tendency of the head, what distinguishes Japan is the existence of mutual respect between the parties in greetings, whether new friends or not
When you go to Japan, you have to show the respect you need

2- manners sitting at the dining table

There are some important rules when eating
For example, before dinner and drinks, someone raises a drink before everyone else
There is also a wet piece placed on the table to wash hands before eating
Try also to take a bite and do not make an annoying noise


You and you in Japan should use chopsticks
Try training yourself to eat this way
The Japanese believe they are the only people who uses the chopsticks and the real opposite

4-no tipping

In Japan there is no kind of tipping
Whether in restaurants, cafes or cabs
They take their right and refuse to tip

5- Take off your shoes in front of the thresholds

There is a shelf in Japan to store your shoes
It is forbidden to wear the shoe when entering either a mat either in a house or a hotel


in Japan, you must maintain your luggage and take into account safety and security precautions
Fear of crime and murder is common in Japan
You must keep yourself


Public baths in Japan are serious and widespread both in small and large cities
And also the popular small hot springs in Japan
The bathrooms are also very comfortable and if you go to a Japanese family you will call for a bath first

8-speaking English

Language in japan is English famous
The pupils in the schools are shouting hello to English
If you go to Japan and you do not speak English you will have a problem even if you speak Japanese




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