• October 26, 2020

7 famous monuments in Italy

Famous monuments in Italy are the best in the world
and The world has a lot of wonderful relics and these effects indicate a great achievement
Italy is famous for its color
Now we will talk about the most important 7 famous landmarks in Italy

Famous monuments in Italy

1-The colosseum

firstly, It is first of monuments in Italy
And It is considered the first runway ever built
It is distinguished by its superb design and architecture
It is composed of stone and concrete
also The outer part is distinguished by three floors and has semi-circular columns
and It had more than 50,000 spectators
and  the colosseum  was four centuries old
The tastes of the place changed according to the battles and the circumstances of the times


firstly, It is a big city and destroyed under volcano
It is a great tourist attraction
and Monuments and archeological sites have survived under rubble
Visitors can see houses, bathrooms and temples that enjoy a great Roman and Greek architecture

3-The leaning tower of Pisa

firstly, It is one of the most famous areas in Italy
The construction of this monument began in the 18th century
and The tower continued to stand long and allowed visitors to climb to the top
It is considered a miracle of engineering in the Middle Ages
and The tower consists of 207 columns with eight floors
also The height of the tower is 185 feet and is made of white marble
The bottom story consists of marble floors
and The last story contains the bells and contains 17 arcades and find also a spiral tower and the tower curved

4-The Vatican

above all The Vatican City is the main place of the Pope, one of the most famous monuments in the city center
and The distinctive architecture of antiquity and St. Peter’s Church are important religious monuments there

5-The Roman forum

firstly It is a large rectangular square and one of the most prominent landmarks in Italy
And It was in the old big busy market and had many government buildings and processions and was also the center of Roman public life

6-Floence Duomo santa Maria del fiore

also it   considered to be one of the largest and most prestigious cathedrals in the world
and One of the most important monuments in Italy
also The cathedral dates back to the 14th century and its bell is just a few meters high
You can climb to the rack if you want to watch from above

7-The Pantheon

firstly, it is one of the most famous monuments in Italy
And it  built as a temple dedicated to the Goddess in Rome
And preserved the effects of a large and to design very cool and at the top of the summit there is a dome light gives a strong beam
It was used as a temple and is considered to be the most important landmark in Italy


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