• August 3, 2020

5 wonderful events in Japanese history

Events in Japanese history Filled with very important events that express about different story
Now we will talk about the most events in Japanese

Events in Japanese history

1-Japanese woman wrote the world’s first novel

above all It is a first novel in the world and written by a The writer’s name is unknown so far
She served Empress Gautomon in the court of Emperor Ichigo
And the romantic Fiji tale of Hikar and Gingi
It also provides a quick overview of the life and habits of Kyoto Hyan woman
There are 800 poem in this novel
They all belong to the hero of the novel

2-Benkei died standing

He is considered a murderer among the clans of the noble Motto Motu
He is considered a feared monk and warrior and was defeated in a battle in Kyoto
Yuritomo became suspicious of his brother and invalidated all his titles
Benkei Killed a three hundred man on his own
The soldiers then attacked from a distance with arrows
and He remained standing at the end and when the soldiers returned to him they found him dead, despite his steadfastness for the last time
It  known that he had committed suicide inside the headquarters to be the symbol of Masui championship in Japan
He is considered a central figure in the third section of the epic poem

3-Divine wind repelled the mongols

Kublai khon sent two massive navies after the kamakura refused to submit to his rule
He sent a 30000 to 40000 men in autumn in 1274
Then tornado hit the mongol fleet and sinking a third of the fleet and the rest fleeing go to the home
and they were  a very lucky to Japanese
And the are another fleet and including 4400 vessels and 140000 men
Also this fleet was hit more powerful by tornado
And sinking all ships
Then I gave the term divine wind

4-A tsunami carried away a temple

firstly Great Buddha of kamakura is japan’s second largest bronze
It stands 1498 meters and it began building in 1252
And the hall was destroyed by the typhoon in 1334
Also again in 1369
And it was destroyed by tsunami in 1495
And leave the great Buddha in the open air

5-Kabuki was invented by a woman

firstly, This term known in an old and meaning the lean or act strong
This art belongs to okum
also She engaged a team for dancing and acting
And spreading to red lights in japan
Although they were spreading .it happened a problem with fighting
And the government ban woman in kabuki
Also replacing woman with young boys
And boys were banned




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