• October 26, 2020

10 famous historical monuments of India

India is a tourist country of the first class and has famous historical monuments of india
and It is a country rich in landmarks
It has culture, heritage buildings, temples, forts and palaces
The archaeological sites give India great wealth in tourism

historical monuments of India

1-Taj Mahal 

above all, It is a white marble monument in a city on the banks of the river
and It is distinguished by its architectural, Persian, Ottoman and Indian styles
also One of the eight wonders of the world is the essence of Islamic art in India
And was built by the Mongol Emperor of his third wife and UNESCO recognized by the world heritage
Taj Mahal symbolizes the crown of palaces in Persian
and It took 17 years to build

2-Harmandir sahib

firstly It is considered a huge golden temple and is the holiest shrine and most famous pilgrimage sites
secondly, It is one of the holiest places in the world
finally it  suffered many damage in 1984, while Indian soldiers fought to remove the extremists. They  used as a fortress to protect them

3-Brihadishwara temple

It is one of the largest temples in India and within the world heritage
also The worshiper built from granite to reach the height of the largest statue in which 200 feet
and The reasons for building the temple came from the divine dream of Raja Raja Chulan during his visits to Sri Lanka

4-Mysore palace

It is considered a very famous palace in India
It is one of the most tourist attractions in the world
And its place  referred to as the city of palaces and  expanded by the last Maharaja
It is India’s second tourist destination to foreigners and locals
and There are now some sound shows and celebrations

5-Bahai temple

Firstly It is a house of worship for every religion and place and also a place of meditation and peace
It is a kind of faith called Baha’i
finally It is a spiritual unit of all mankind

6-Hawa mahal

The palace is built of five floors in the form of a pyramid of sandstone and pink
It is a major attraction in India from within historical monuments of india

7-Victoria Memorial

It Is a large hall located in the capital city of Bengal
and it  belongs to Queen Victoria
also It also serves as a museum and inside it many manuscripts and carved paintings

8-Qutub Minar

It is one of the most famous towers in the world
It has a complex with many historical and archaeological monuments
In addition to the iron column in Delhi

9-Sanchi stupa

It is among the Buddhist monuments in India and is considered to be the best stupas in india
and It has four carved gates

10-Chhatapati shivaji terminus

firstly It is a historic railway station in Mumbai, the busiest city in Mumbai
and It is a tourist attraction


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